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COVID-19 Update 2/16/21:

All classes are now closed through Fall 2021.
We have discontinued the ROBOTIX Product line, and will not be selling any more products.

We are currently working on a new product line for our educational classes to resume in late 2021. Click below for more info!

Robotics Hands-On Workshops

Our courses offer a unique perspective into STEM, through using parts and curriculum that can not be found anywhere else. We utilize high and low speed motors, controllers, and cables to mobilize robotic creations that are entirely designed and assembled from your student’s imaginations to combat the unique tasks and challenges they are presented with during our workshops. One of the most unique features of our in-class activities – there are no instruction manuals! We challenge all of our students’ innovation to invent the solutions to our problems themselves, rather than just following step-by-step guides like Lego kits.

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